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Ronne Brown is a wife, mother, coach, author, speaker, entrepreneur and overcomer. She has influenced thousands of entrepreneurs by teaching them to achieve success on their own terms. Hailing from Washington, D.C., Brown inspires others to live and dream big.

Ronne worked hard to change the trajectory of her life. She went from being a statistic to a success story.

In 2014, Ronne launched The Millionaire’s Academy, where she teaches people all over the world how to leverage the direct sales industry and earn income from home. Through this program, she has helped men and women create 6 figure incomes, become debt free and live life on their own terms.

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Yolanda Caldwell is a consultant, facilitator, and coach with specialties in project management, creating and implementing customized solutions for organizations, and leadership development. Yolanda is a visionary strategist who specializes in creating team-oriented environments and recognizing opportunities for individual, team, and organizational excellence. Yolanda has coordinated events for non-profit, government, and ministry organizations, where thousands have learned how to lead optimal lives by achieving goals and unleashing their innate gifts and talents. Additionally, she hosts a weekly empowerment call where women leaders gather to equip themselves to win in their daily lives.


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“Best Mommie I ever had.” Kingdom builder. Servant leader. demon Slayer. Advocator for Down Syndrome Awareness. Soul friend. InfluencHer. Chef. Foodie. Hopeful Romantic. Singer. Air Pianist. Mimer. Spoken Word Artist. Author of In Pursuit Of Me. Founder of Kitchen Therapy.

She is a Senior Social Worker who believes her passion and mission in life is to proclaim the Good News through every gift and talent God has given her and influence others to do the same.
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Elle Harris is the Founding Executive Director of The W. Agency and World Wide Women Group. Each of these businesses are women centered, The W. Agency helps women and women ran businesses achieve their ultimate comeback through transparency, strategic analysis and mental maturation. World Wide Women Group is a nonprofit organization that creates initiatives designed to develop leaders from age 6 and beyond. After spending nearly a decade in the human services field for public and private entities, Elle knows what truly brings order and innovation to businesses and individuals. Its resiliency, integrity, and how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help.

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After being diagnosed with cancer, having a severe car accident fracturing her femur in 6 places, and having to learn to walk again while 4 months pregnant, AND becoming a widow at the age of 36, Dr. Butterfly knows a thing or two about transformation. Her current program, 40 Days to Transformation is helping women through a personal transformation in life or business by connecting faith-based principles and success principles to increase their impact and influence in 40 days.

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Tami B. Smith has enjoyed an 18-year career in federal government human resources management and currently serves as the Deputy Director for the Office of Human Resources for the National Credit Union Administration. She has worked in seven federal agencies of various sizes and missions. Ms. Smith has established herself as a thought leader in federal human capital through her demonstrated expertise in a broad spectrum of human resources specialties. Her technical expertise includes strategic planning, human capital planning, organizational and workforce development, recruitment, staffing, classification, and compensation. She leads change and achieves business results in each organization for which she has worked.

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Joyce Quarles is the Chief Executive Officer of Evolution 3 Designs, a creative design studio in Brandywine, MD where she manages the branding, advertising, and promotional needs of small to large companies. She is devoted to helping businesses augment their brands outside the box by delivering compelling standout solutions. Prior to launching out as a full-time entrepreneur, she provided over 15 years of service to the public and private sectors in finance, project management, human resources, and office administration.

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CEO/ Founder of Davis&Davis Advisors is a boutique advisory firm, created for the demands of very experienced professionals and small businesses; for clients who have special favor for personalization, trust and results. In short, for the good things of life. Our evaluation of your full financial profile goes beyond the basics to explore not only the biggest risk areas but also the potential rewards. This hands-on approach gives us the ability to custom tailor our advice to your specific situation and help you and your business better manage risks, and maximize performance.

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Cynthia Betterson is a Senior Manager of Innovation and New Product Development for Perdue Foods. She is responsible for leading the identification, development and qualification of new ideas for the company’s portfolio of brands.  Cynthia earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and an MBA from Penn State Smeal School of Business.